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How to classify children in the competition

Are you not sure which category to choose? There is an overview of the whole competition.

What would you like to compete with?

  • Choreography
  • Physical and improvisation talent
  • Expertise
  • Talent

Group choreography

Kids are classified for the competition as “group choreography”, “groups” and “small groups” according to:

  • Number of team members
  • Movement style
  • Training intensity

According to number of team members:

  • Teams of 1-7 members–Goblet’s contest – Small Groups
  • Teams of 8-30 members – Group Choreography – Groups
  • 25 and more – Collective category

According to movement style:

Dynamic styles:

  • Aerobic sets

  • Talent sets – Zumba style, etc.

  • Rock and roll

  • Disco

  • Street dance

  • Majorettes
  • Cheerleaders
  • Folk dance and country

  • Latino

Slow styles

  • Oriental dance
  • Gipsy
  • Acrobatics
  • Expression dance –jazz dance, ballet
  • Standard dance

According to training intensity

Hobby level

Hobby level is for kids who are not engaged in the sport industry professionally. Kids take part at Championships organized by various associations but they do not win medal positions.

Professional level

There are not restrictions and contestants who in last two years won a medal can take part and they will compete for THE BEST OF title

The system has a trademark registration and more than a million visitors has attended organized events since the association was established.

One in Group


Kids try to copy the instructor and in some categories it plays a key role. BOYS AND GIRLS HAVE A UNIQUE OPPORTUNITY TO GAIN A MEDAL WITHOUT HAVING A PREPARED CHOREOGRAPHY.

Some disciplines require improvisation. You can find the disciplines in the competition rules.


  • Aerobics
  • Street dance
  • Cheerleaders
  • Oriental dance
  • Talent
  • Folk dance



Anybody can apply even the children who do not attend any classes. Kids will try out various styles and can show what they know at the show.

More information in the general terms and conditions.

Key to success

Key to success for year 2014/2015

The basic rule is that one place qualifies, after completing a semi finale round one is or is not qualified for the finals.

International participants (except the Czech and Slovak Republic) might be invited to the finals without a qualification.

Fall’s and winter’s contests

  • Qualifying contests: ONE IN GROUP, GOBLET’S CONTEST
  • Group Choreography without qualifying for other rounds, GROUPS and SMALL GROUPS
  • Finals ONE IN GROUP – January/ February

Contests in winter and in spring (March to May)

  • Qualifying contests: GROUPS, ONE IN GROUP, GOBLET’S CONTEST
  • Prepared choreography contents - Solo, duos, trios, small and larger groups


Finals OF GROUPS, SMALL GROUPS, GOBLET’S CONTEST take place every third weekend in May in Prague as usual

Terms and Conditions

General terms and conditions apply to all organized events under the trademark “Fitness Children – sports against drugs”.

Terms and conditions can be downloaded here..