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GROUPS Contest

GROUPS Contest


“GROUPS” is a contest of larger choreographic groups. Every year thousands of contestants compete. Choreographies are divided into separate disciplines according to the movement style and subsequently according to the age. The minimum number of contestants in groups is 8 or more (more information in the terms and conditions.) Individual choreographies are divided according to the dance and sports styles. Everybody can find own discipline as they are categorized in detail. The choreography itself should be an interesting performance. The bigger part of the evaluation at the professional level is the sports part. The Groups contest is either with or without qualifications for other rounds. The qualifying finals in Groups take place at the end of May.

Level of contestants

Groups contest is categorized into Hobby and Professional.

The performance length

The performance length varies according to the individual disciplines.

Age categorization

The categorization is based on the average age of the whole group; the age on the day of the contest is decisive factor for the categorization. (Individuals might be either younger or older, the average age of the group is crucial). Mathematical rounding off is used for the mean calculation.

What is and is not allowed in the choreography

  • all styles are allowed, categorization into the discipline is done according to the style
  • various props meeting the safety regulations are allowed (sharps are forbidden)
  • no limits to music tempo
  • theme, music, costume should be in balance and suitable to the age

All the other requirements are subject to General terms and Conditions of “Fitness Children – sports against drugs”