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This category reflects the idea of Fitness children. It usually is a connection of individual teams of a certain club grouped into so called collective category where various age groups perform together combining styles.


  • The general rules and conditions apply to all the categories.
  • Choreography of any style can compete in this category.

The choreography must meet 3 out of 6 requirements:

  • The age difference between the youngest and the oldest must be at least 6 years. The groups of children have to form 3 different basic age groups of Fitness Children
  •  Costumes must be colourfully divided. It means that one part of the group has to wear a costume of one colour and the other part of another colour.
  • Props and set pieces must be used during the choreography and must be connected to the theme of the choreography
  • Groups must change the shape of their choreography 5 times
  • Two different music styles
  • The story must have a clear story line, the start and ending must be evident.

video  II video      Finále Praha Sparta réna I. Místo

General rules:

  • Choreography length: min 2 minutes, max 4 minutes (breaching the rules is not permitted, sanctions apply, see the terms and conditions)
  • Number of team members: min is 25 members, the max is not limited
  • Entry and leaving time: 1 minute/1 minute
  • Solos: max 2x20 seconds
  • Hobby and professional specification: general terms and conditions of categorization apply
  • Assessment: creativity and imagination, the larger number of contestants has a positive impact on the rating